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Vintage firearms and accessories that have been sold:

Pistols and Muskets

  •     New Orleans Ace Pistol, 1PPC0000/000011110000
  •     Spanish Miquelet Action Percussion Pistol, 3PPC1845/186511110950
  •     CVA Navy Colt Revolver, 5PPM/02210060
  •     H & R Rimfire Pistol, 7PCC1895/000008120025
  •     Unknown Maker Vest Pistol, 6PCC1886/000008120025



  •     Narian India Black Powder Shotgun, 10RPC0000/000011280075
  •     Belgian Flaubert Parlor Trap Door Rifle, 5RPC1880/000011110085
  •     Thompson Center Renegade Rifle, 6RPC0000/000011110130
  •     Stage Coach Double Barrel Shotgun, 11RPC1800/000011280350
  •     Unknown Maker Muzzleloader, 13RPC1850/000011280150
  •     Belgian Flaubert Trap Door Rifle, 4RPC1888/000011110175
  •     Belgian Flaubert Rimfire Rifle, 17RPC1880/000012100175
  •     Winchester Single Shot Black Powder Rifle, 18RPC1898/000012060275
  •     Italian Percussion Rifle, 1RPC1840/185011110200
  •     Snider-Enfield Breach Loading Rifle, 27RPC1862/00000225022
  •     Connecticut Valley Arms Double Barrel Muzzleloader, 8RPC0000/000011250108
  •     Ardessa Spain Muzzleloader, 9RPC0000/000011250108
  •     William Parkhurst Double Barrel Shotgun, 25RSC1850/000003020255
  •     Stevens Double Barrel Shotgun, 47RSC1877/000011100250
  •     Remington Model 1867 Navy Cadet, 39RRBC1867/000002330302
  •     Jukar Black Powder Rifle, 34RPM0000/000002210100
  •     Unknown Maker Cartridge Loading Rifles, 38RSC1850/189011090150-1 AND 38RSC1850/189011090150-2


Parts and Accessories

  •     Western Style Holster, 9PH/12270033
  •     Civil War Era Powder Flask, 8PF/12100080
  •     Ornate Locking Dress Sword, 11PSS/0215015




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